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Jasmine Shawl – Silk brocade

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A timeless piece that you will have many years! This Artisans Angkor’s scarf is popular with both men and women.

Jasmine Shawl 100% fine silk brocade handwoven, fair trade and eco-friendly. This shawl is characterized by the Chorebap pattern: a Cambodian geometric pattern that represents a jasmine flower.

The Chorebap pattern and the jasmine flower are both traditional emblems of Cambodia. Silk with the Chorebap pattern is a traditional piece of silk brocade that was once used to make dresses and shawls for queens, clothes for concubines, emperor dresses and blankets for articles of daily use of the imperial court such as quilt cushions, pillows and mattresses. It was worn by royalties during ceremonies and it was also given as a royal tribute to ambassadors, imperial ministers and even foreign kings.

The jasmine flower is generally considered a symbol of good fortune. It is also a highly spiritual and traditional symbol for many Cambodians, for example people devoted to Buddha who offer him jasmine flowers as an offering. Jasmine flowers were also an exclusive royal tribute in ancient Cambodia.

The finish along the length of the scarf is the edge of the fabric (as opposed to a hem), which implies that the craftswoman is only weaving one scarf at a time on the loom. This scarf has fringes across the width.

Jasmine Shawl Silver: Silver color with navy blue fringes.

Jasmine Shawl Gold: Gold and burgundy colors with black fringe.

Jasmine Shawl Copper: Copper and aqua green colors with navy blue fringes.

Jasmine Shawl Blue / Ivory: Blue and ivory colors with navy blue fringes.

Jasmine Shawl Purple / Silver: Purple and silver colors with navy blue fringes.

Fine silk is a natural light and uniform fabric. The shine, the shimmering colors and the softness make this silk an unrivaled fabric. The fine silk that we offer you, created by Artisans d'Angkor, has a silky texture while being firm and opaque, which means that the number of silkworm cocoons to create a thread is higher.

Silk is a natural and renewable material, biodegradable and less polluting to produce (source: Guide du vêtement responsable - 2008, Équiterre). In addition, it is fair trade because it is handmade according to an ancestral know-how by the artisans of a cooperative, and among them, have social policy and decent working conditions.

Additionally, natural or dyes that don't contain heavy metals are used; they are less damaging to artisans and the environment and therefore eco-friendly while promoting sustainable development.

Over the years, Artisans Angkor has become a showcase of Cambodian craftsmanship for its silks worthy of the Silk Road!

Artisans Angkor has pioneered a new social policy in Cambodia, guaranteeing a fair income as well as social and medical welfare to all its employees. The artisans themselves formed an association that holds a 20-percent share in the company.

A workshop opening means more employment in disadvantaged rural communities and therefore an improvement of social conditions and poverty alleviation.


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Artisans Angkor is a member of the Artisans Association of Cambodia (AAC) which is a World Fair Trade Organization - Asia member (WFTO-Asia).

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