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FREE SHIPPING minimum order $49.00


Want to send a gift to a loved one? As a bonus, add a personalized message to your loved one and we will write a personalized card in your name!

All purchases, less than $49 and delivered in an envelope,
are now at $5 shipping cost across Canada and the United States!

Country Provinces/States Order of:
– CAD$49,00 + CAD$49,00
Canada Alberta CAD$14,00 Free
British-Columbia CAD$14,00 Free
Manitoba CAD$12,00 Free
New-Brunswick CAD$12,00 Free
Nova-Scotia CAD$12,00 Free
Nunavut  CAD$15,00 Free
Ontario CAD$12,00 Free
Price-Edward-Island CAD$12,00 Free
Quebec CAD$12,00 Free
Saskatchewan CAD$14,00 Free
Newfoundland and Labrador CAD$14,00 Free
Northwest Territories CAD$15,00 Free
Yukon CAD$15,00 Free
USA* All  CAD$25,00 Free
France* All CAD$37,50 CAD$37,50
Country Provinces/States Order of:
– USD$49,00 + USD$49,00
Canada Alberta USD$12,00 Free
British-Columbia USD$12,00 Free
Manitoba USD$10,00 Free
New-Brunswick USD$10,00 Free
Nova-Scotia USD$10,00 Free
Nunavut USD$12,00 Free
Ontario USD$10,00 Free
Price-Edward-Island USD$10,00 Free
Quebec USD$10,00 Free
Saskatchewan USD$12,00 Free
Newfoundland and Labrador USD$12,00 Free
Northwest Territories USD$12,00 Free
Yukon USD$12,00 Free
USA* All USD$20,00 Free
France* All USD$30,00 USD$30,00

*Customs charges may be charged upon delivery of your package.

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