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FREE SHIPPING in Canada and United States with order over $75.00

All purchases, less than $75 and delivered in an envelope*,
are now at $5.95 shipping cost across Canada!

Country Provinces/States Order of:
– CAD$75.00 + CAD$75.00
Canada Alberta CAD$19.95 Free
British-Columbia CAD$19.95 Free
Manitoba CAD$19.95 Free
New-Brunswick CAD$15.95 Free
Nova-Scotia CAD$15.95 Free
Nunavut  CAD$29.95 Free
Ontario CAD$15.95 Free
Price-Edward-Island CAD$15.95 Free
Quebec CAD$14.95 Free
Saskatchewan CAD$19.95 Free
Newfoundland and Labrador CAD$19.95 Free
Northwest Territories CAD$29.95 Free
Yukon CAD$29.95 Free
USA** All  CAD$30.00 Free
France** All CAD$39.95 CAD$39.95
Country Provinces/States Order of:
– USD$75.00 + USD$75.00
Canada Alberta USD$17.00 Free
British-Columbia USD$17.00 Free
Manitoba USD$17.00 Free
New-Brunswick USD$14.00 Free
Nova-Scotia USD$14.00 Free
Nunavut USD$26.00 Free
Ontario USD$14.00 Free
Price-Edward-Island USD$14.00 Free
Quebec USD$13.00 Free
Saskatchewan USD$17.00 Free
Newfoundland and Labrador USD$17.00 Free
Northwest Territories USD$26.00 Free
Yukon USD$26.00 Free
USA** All USD$26.00 Free
France** All USD$34.00 USD$34.00

*When your purchase is sent by envelope, a parcel tracking number is not available.

**Customs charges may be charged upon delivery of your package.

We are located in Canada. We offer free shipping in Canada and United States for order over $75.

On a case by case basis, we can ship to other countries. Please email us at the information about the desired items and the address to ship to and we will be happy to assess the shipping cost to your door.

After revising the shipping cost, if you are still interested to buy, we will send you a securitized PayPal invoice which you can pay with your preferred credit card and the transaction will be secure and confidential.

Shipping supplies:

The watchword: reuse!

In the interest of preserving the environment, without compromising on the protection of your purchase and wherever possible, we reuse cardboard boxes, plastic bags and plastic or paper filling material.

This Post Has 8 Comments

    1. Dear Susan,
      Thanks for your interest in our boutique and products. Please see your email for a complete answer!

      1. Yes, we can ship to Australia on a case by case basis. Please see your email for a complete answer!

    1. Thanks for your interest in our boutique and products. Please see your email for a complete answer!

  1. Hello, I was very excited to find the same cushion covers as the one I purchased in Cambodia some years ago, and really regret not buying several!
    However, the order form seems to only accept American postal codes/states when English is chosen and only French addresses/tel no’s when French is chosen. How do I enter a Canadian order ???

    1. Thank you for your message. I am happy to hear that you found Artisans Angkor cushions on our boutique. Please see your email for a complete answer.

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