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Each month, we select products that we offer you at sweet prices!

April is already here and we can't wait for spring! 🪻 In April, eclipse the dreariness of winter by adding a touch of color and lightness to your outfit. Take advantage of a 20% discount on a selection of light and colorful Smateria brand bags.

At Smateria we make our own fun. We take our inspiration from our urban and local surroundings and find beauty in the unusual and unconventional materials. We consider all of them as a potential fabric. We shake them, turn them inside out, layer them, stitch them up and transform them into something extraordinary.

🌷🌞 SPRING CLEARANCE 🌞🌷 50% off the last bags, pouchs, jewelry or scarves that will no longer be available. Who is feeling lucky! 😮

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