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Eco-Value icons reflect unique characteristics behind each product.

Eco-Value Icons help you make mindful purchases that match your values.

Eco-value icons - Fair trade | Ethic & chic
Fair trade

Identifies products that are manufactured by organizations that tend to respect the norms of fair trade without…

Eco-value icon - Sustainable development | Ethic & chic
Sustainable development

Identifies products that supports the achievement of compliance with specific ecosystems, responsible use…

Eco-value icon - Renewable material | Ethic & chic
Renewable material

Identifies raw materials extracted from nature (natural resource), or …

Eco-value icons – Handmade | Ethic & chic

Identifies products that have been handmade by…

Eco-value icon - Natural Fiber | Ethic & chic
Natural Fiber

Identifies products that are made from natural materials obtained…

Eco-value icon - Biodegradable | Ethic & chic

Identifies products that is made ​​from raw materials that can be biodegradable under…

Eco-value icon - Organic | Ethic & chic

Identifies products certified by an organization accredited by the …

Eco-value icon - Non toxic | Ethic & chic
Non toxic

Identifies products that used in their manufacture natural dyes or…

Eco-value icon - Recycled Material | Ethic & chic
Recycled material

Identifies products that are manufactured from reused materials and…

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