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We believe in doing things differently to have a global and positive impact


Several years ago, my life partner and I had the opportunity to spend several months traveling Southeast Asia with our backpack. This memorable trip opened us to others and at the same time to us. We had the chance to meet great people and realize the precariousness of living conditions in some developing countries. During these months, a feeling of helplessness often pervaded us. These women and men want to work, provide for themselves and their families and above all to be decently paid for their work.

There, I hear you say, “social disparities exist even here” and I agree with you, but I would answer you that unlike most developing countries, we have given ourselves, as a society, a social safety net that does not exist in these countries.


When we returned, we were much more aware of finding the origin of the products we were consuming to try to make a slight difference through our purchases.

Again, your voice rises to tell me “you just have to buy local! You will make a difference here”.

And I totally agree with you and we are doing it as much as possible. But unfortunately, a lot of the products we consume are not produced locally (for example spices or silk). So, for the other products that we buy in big chain stores or popular banners, we quickly realized that it was difficult to know the origin and especially that it was impossible to know the conditions of production and remuneration of the workers.

And like us, many of you ask yourself the same questions.


So, the idea of ​​contributing to the financial autonomy of certain artisans we met during our trip while offering them decent working conditions and thereby allowing consumers to know the conditions under which these products were made has germinated.

We have refined this idea by choosing quality products, well designed with a contemporary design and which meet consumers’ tastes and ecofriendly expectations.

Ethic & chic is the combination of these thoughts!

Our online store clearly identifies the origin of all the ethical accessories and gourmet spices that we suggest to you and the benefits that your purchases provide to those who make them for mindful and sophisticated purchases!

In Buddhist religion, the sacred lotus flower is an analogy representing the awakening of the soul through first the muddy difficulties of life, passing through the water of experience before reaching the sun of enlightenment.

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