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Customer commitment to data protection and privacy

Protecting personal data and your privacy is of greatest concern for Ethic & chic. In this Privacy Notice we want to give a clear, concise, and transparent communication on the collection, use, processing, storing, etc. of personal data relating to customers of Ethic & chic.

Within the meaning of this Privacy Notice “customer of Ethic & chic” means former, current and potential customer of a product offered by Ethic & chic and visitors to our online shop.


Ethic & chic manifests its commitment to privacy and data protection by embracing the following principles.

  • Ethic & chic uses personal data lawfully, fairly, correctly and in a transparent manner.
  • Ethic & chic collects no more personal data than necessary, and only for a legitimate purpose.
  • Ethic & chic retains no more data than necessary or for a longer period than needed.
  • Ethic & chic protects personal data with appropriate security measures.
  • Ethic & chic does business with PayPal and Stripe, secure payment services, for the electronic payment process. As a result, Ethic & chic has no access to and does not store any of your payment data when you buy online.

Why do we process your data?

We use and process your personal data in connection with you, for example, buying our products online, visiting our website, or contacting Customer Service. Examples of personal data are full name, address, email address, telephone number, purchase, order and other case-related information (e.g. information that you provide when contacting Customer Service). We provide Canada Post with your personal data necessary for the delivery and tracking of your package.

Ethic & chic uses the “Customer Reviews for Woocommerce (or CusRev)” plugin, a third party, to generate reviews on its online store. When you buy on Ethic & chic, you agree to transfer your purchase data (email address and items purchased) to this third party to receive a review email on your purchases (You can also review the Customer Service page, for more information).

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