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Epic – Eco-friendly leather crossbody bag

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Eco-friendly leather crossbody bag 2-in-1

A perfect 2-in-1 bag during the day to carry your essentials crossbody and in the evening for a sought-after style of clutch bag by simply removing the strap. A versatile 2-in-1 bag is a bag of its time with maximum use for minimum impact on the environment. This lightweight bag is perfect for slipping into your luggage when traveling for work or leisure.

Eco-friendly leather crossbody bag handmade from leather offcuts from a furniture factory (on the front of the bag) mixed with new repurposed nylon net (for the rest of the bag) diverted from its original function in the fishing and construction industries.

  • A zipper to close the bag
  • An adjustable and removable strap
  • Black piping
  • The lining of the DIVA collection are offcuts coming from local garment factories. So, every bag is unique! Currently,
    • The lining of the black bag has a  Black and white arrow pattern
    • The lining of the white bag has a Green floral pattern
  • ** white leather may have a more off-white tint depending on the offcuts available. The same shade of leather is used for the whole bag **
    • Currently the white bag we have in stock definitely has a off-white / very pale beige color.

At Smateria, our passion lies in taking unusual materials and crafting them into innovative and fashionable bags and accessories, using recycled materials wherever possible. New nylon net is Smateria's signature material and helps create a light, strong, colorful and slightly shiny bag. Besides working with the nylon net, Smateria works with upcycled leather, PU leather and recycled plastic bags. In most of the cases, Smateria lines its bag with upcycled fabrics from factories.

Smateria has a clear mission to employ Cambodian workers in a fair and sustainable way, where employees are treated well and priority is given to the employment of women and mothers.

Smateria - Bags with a soul

Smateria's mission is to employ Cambodian workers in a fair and sustainable way, with the concern that employees are well treated and where priority is given to the employment of women and mothers.

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