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Dove bangle – recycled bullet shell casing

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Dove Bangle so exquisite and unique!

Dove Bangle handcrafted of recycled brass from molten bullet casings, molded and embellished with the representation of a dove framed by two bullet sockets.

Circumference: 19 cm or 7 1/2 ”

Don’t forget to measure around your wrist, but especially the widest part of your hand to make sure that this bracelet will be able to slip on easily and will fit you because it does not open.

Cotton jewel bag - Angkor Bullet Jewellery

Included in the purchase price of an Angkor Bullet Jewellery

Receive with your purchase of an Angkor Bullet Jewellery's ring / bangle, earrings, or pendant a cotton bag (while inventory lasts). This bag is the perfect complement to your purchase for a most appreciated gift to a loved one!

Transforming violence and war into beauty and peace.

This is the inspiration behind the work of Chantha Thoeun, the founder of Angkor Bullet Jewellery who creates timeless recycled brass jewelry from empty gun cartridges.

Angkor Bullet Jewellery is a social enterprise that is committed to the personal development of their home based workers as individuals economically, socially and spiritually. The artisans are given employment with fair wages, a safe working environment and education for their families.

I want my experience to help other Cambodians who feel they have no place in the country's current economy. I want to create jobs, opportunities and allow those who are not fortunate enough to have a network, or the necessary money, to believe in their future


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Angkor Bullet Jewellery is a member of the Artisans Association of Cambodia (AAC) which is a World Fair Trade Organization - Asia member (WFTO-Asia).

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