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KadodE is FarmLink’s brand of Kampot Pepper and Kampong Speu Palm Sugar

Kadodé means “gift of the earth”. It is a Khmer expression used to design quality agricultural products. This expression is also used at the end of a particularly refined and pleasant meal.

This brand focuses on high quality terroir products.

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Kampot Pepper - Farmlink
Sea salt of the Saltworks of Kampot

The KadodÉ brand is your guarantee that these products are cultivated and refined in full respect of natural and traditional methods. The Kadodé brand adheres fully to the principles and standards of fair trade.

For international markets, KadodÉ is the guarantee that these products are refined and exported in a secure and controlled environment, in accordance with international standards.

All KadodÉ products carry a 7-digit traceability code.

History (L’Association pour la Promotion du Poivre de Kampot)

The history of pepper in Cambodia is secular and precedes the great civilization of the kings of Angkor.

The Chinese explorer Tchéou Ta Kouan alludes to Cambodian pepper from the 13th century.

In 1873-74, the Aceh War in Indonesia raged. Unable to cope with the power of the Dutch armies, the Sultan of Aceh burns his pepper shakers so as not to let this wealth fall into the hands of his enemies. Some of the production is moving to Cambodia, in the Kampot region.

The province of Kampot knows a real “pepper fever” with the arrival of the French settlers at the end of the 19th century. They intensify production to reach 8000 tons per year at the beginning of the next century.

In the middle of the 20th century, Pepper of Kampot is at its peak. The production, stabilized at around 3000 tonnes per year, is of unsurpassed quality. Le Poivre de Kampot is the spice of choice for the great French restaurants.

In 1975, the Khmer Rouge took control of the country and reigned for almost four years a regime of terror. Land and men were then requisitioned for the almost exclusive cultivation of rice.

At the end of the 20th century, planters’ families returned to their homelands. From generations of pepper planters, it is quite natural that they cleared the land left to abandon and then start the cultivation of this spice.

Farmlink - logo

FarmLink is a Cambodian-registered company dedicated to the development of regional agro-business.

FarmLink set up in 2005/6 by a group of volunteer expatriates who wished to help the local farmers capitalise on their traditional expertise and high quality products by developing links to larger, more secure, external markets. To this end, the company, founded in 2007, has helped farmers to improve productivity and consistency of their product, to secure and consolidate the supply chain and to ensure their future sustainability by helping them organize co-operative, democratic Farmer’s Associations.

FarmLink is a vital link in the supply chain. They are a processor of the raw product from farm to export, establishing and continuing to ensure the highest standards in the cleaning, grading and packaging of pepper. These pepper processing systems guarantee that its products attain top international standards.

KadodÉ - Pepper selection

FarmLink has worked to promote awareness of and interest in Kampot Pepper throughout the tourism and hospitality industry in Cambodia and more recently among European and internationnal gourmets. Kampot Pepper is now one of the world’s most highly prized spices.

Sustainable development: Working day to day in hand with the Cambodian farmers to help them reach financial sustainability by increasing their ability to produce and promote high quality products.

FarmLink’s mission is to establish and maintain the links between these farmers and the international markets.


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